Welcome to Vaasal

Welcome to Vaasal. We would like this magazine to be an entrance into the world of Tamil ideas, art and culture for anyone in Auroville who is from another native uur (village, home, country, habitat, that place which belong to you and you to it). The word வாசல் (vaasal, entrance) comes from the word வாய்... Continue Reading →

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Elephant with wings

One night came An elephant with wings - Flying across Wandering clouds in the sky! ‘Come’ it said Lifting me On its back - through the sky On a tour Of sightseeing And joy! Lifted its trunk To catch the moon - slight Imbalance and In the ocean It fell! While I screamed With all... Continue Reading →

Interview with Professor Somasundaram

We continue our series talking to the Tamil statesmen and women of Auroville with an interview with Professor Somasundaram, who has a doctorate in Sri Aurobindo's Educational Philosophy. My father was a teacher in Raja’s High School, Sivaganga (Sivaganga District) where I completed my school education. I studied Intermediate and did my Bachelor’s degree in... Continue Reading →

Dolls with stories

Come Navratri and the streets are adorned with an amazing array of dolls. Mostly mythological, exquisitely painted, there are dolls of every aspect of social life, including popular cartoon characters. My earliest memory of the doll show was when my sister took me to her friend’s house on an invitation. We were taken into this... Continue Reading →

Kambaramayanam – The great Tamil Epic

Kambaramayanam is one of the literary classics of Tamil language from the 12th century. It is based on the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana written by Valmiki. Ramayana is considered as the immortal epic of Hindu culture. Because of the role, it played in Indian culture and the poetic richness of the epic, it was translated into... Continue Reading →

Editor’s Page

Welcome to Vaasal. Vanakkam. In India, applying a ‘pottu’ (a dot made out of Vermilion) in the guest’s forehead is apart of welcoming tradition. Indian women also wear a bindi (Vermilion dot) on their forehead as a daily routine. One the forehead, between the two eyebrows, is a spot that is considered a major nerve... Continue Reading →

The Serpent and the Rope

Raja Rao Written by the acclaimed author Raja Rao, the book written in an autobiographical style deals with the concepts of existence, reality, and fulfilment of one's capabilities. It was first published in 1960 by John Murray. The novel won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1964. Excerpts from a review of Kathleen Raine: "India is... Continue Reading →

Even in Failure, Wither not!

 Even if failures Hound you Or toss you aside, Wither not, man! Wilt not!   Just for you, there lies a path That has been created, That has taken life, Don’t let it slip away - oh man Don’t fail to grab it!   The garland of success, Must reach your shoulders, And the world... Continue Reading →

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