Welcome to Vaasal

Welcome to Vaasal. We would like this magazine to be an entrance into the world of Tamil ideas, art and culture for anyone in Auroville who is from another native uur (village, home, country, habitat, that place which belong to you and you to it). The word வாசல் (vaasal, entrance) comes from the word வாய்... Continue Reading →

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Does life throb in the tremulous leaf? Yes. In the roaring sea….is all that water soaked with life? Yes. Stone dropped from roof, wings its way to ground. This pulse of movement is spurred by its innate life. Rustle of the brook is life manifest. Silent air turns into a howling wind, A stirring of... Continue Reading →

Periya Puranam

The Periya Puranam is an account of the lives of Saivite Saints who lived in the Tamil Kingdoms hundreds of years ago. The lives of sixty-three saints are spoken of in the Periyapuranam. These Saints do not belong to any one community; they hail from various communities - high and low, rich and poor. They... Continue Reading →

Vedapuri to New Creation

We continue our series talking to the Tamil statesmen and women of Auroville with an interview with senior Aurovilian and Executive of New Creation Project, Mrs.Marie Babu I am Marie Babu and I am the current Executive of New Creation project. I am a native of Pondicherry. I was born in a Roman Catholic family... Continue Reading →

My father

He was watering the plants in the posh gardens of an International school, heat and dust didn’t seem to affect him. “Ganga Das! Principal Ma’am wants to see you…right now!” The last two words of the peon had lots of emphasis on them, trying to make it sound like an urgency. He quickly got up,... Continue Reading →

Do you know?

Vanakkam. Welcome to Vaasal. Did you notice the small plant in front of the Vaasal in the picture? Every traditional Indian household has a similar one. It is the Indian holy basil or Tulsi. Also known as the ‘Sacred Basil’, Tulsi has a special place in Indian culture. Apart from the religious significance, Tulsi has... Continue Reading →


Muttolayiram is considered as one of the lost classics of Tamil literature. Assumed to be written 1300 years ago, its authors are unknown. The word ‘Muttollayiram’ is a compound word. It may mean ‘The Triple Nine Hundred’, implying that it was a poem of nine hundred verses in praise of the three kings of ancient... Continue Reading →

Local to Global

We continue our series talking to the Tamil statesmen and women of Auroville with an interview with a unique multi-talented personality who sees beauty in everything. Read along the experiences of Kothandaram, a senior Aurovilian and construction expert. I am Raman. Born in Sanjeeviratan Pettai, very near to Auroville and I finished my high school... Continue Reading →

Straightening a dog’s tail

The one thing you can’t make straight in this world is a dog’s tail. You see, it works on the “lever” system. If you straighten it out, it just snaps back again! Even if you tie it down, it won’t stay put. It’s just made that way. Now there was a mantiravati (magician) and he... Continue Reading →

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