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Welcome to Vaasal. We would like this magazine to be an entrance into the world of Tamil ideas, art and culture for anyone in Auroville who is from another native uur (village, home, country, habitat, that place which belong to you and you to it). The word வாசல் (vaasal, entrance) comes from the word வாய்... Continue Reading →

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Speak Tamil: Language Hacking, pt.3

Last time in Vaasal, Meenakshi akka mentioned that the most important way to say ‘thank you’ in Tamil was to smile. We at Vaasal Magazine do not know if there is a World Smiling Championships, but we do know that if one was ever held, Tamils would certainly be on the medal-winners podium. You can... Continue Reading →

Happy Tamil New Year!

The Tamil year follows a lunar calendar in a repeating sixty-year cycle according to Hindu tradition. Those who follow tradition devoutly may only celebrate their birthday three times at the most in their lifetime: once on their first birthday, when they have seen twelve moons; the second when on the sixty-first birthday (couples often get... Continue Reading →

Calligraphy: The concept of Omkaram (OM)

Om is an important spiritual symbol for both Hindus and followers of some other religions, and its printed form in Tamil is known as Omgaram. It refers to Lord Ganapathy, the elephant-faced God who is considered a remover of obstacles, with “அ” (A), “உ” (U) in the middle and end of the tail “ம்” (M), symbolizing the seed of all creation. * (A),அ = பரமாத்மா / Paramatma / is the... Continue Reading →

People: Interview with Varadharajan

We continue our series talking to the Tamil statesmen and women of Auroville with an interview with Varadharajan, entrusted by Mother with the critical work of village liaison and outreach. My introduction to Sri Aurobindo and Mother, I should say was a sort of an accident. One day I saw in a newspaper an announcement... Continue Reading →

Poetry: Matrimandir Lotus Pond

Flowing like a river The water spreads over the crystal ball like snow The slow movement of the water Made me wonder If it was really moving or not The lotus pond was like A large planet and In between was the beautiful crystal ball The feeling that slowly escaped Into the pond of water... Continue Reading →

Ideas: On The Pleas of Thank You

The British - and many of us from brother and sister nations - like to think that we are terribly polite. And as terribly polite people, we must show others as soon as we meet them that we are, indeed, polite. What is the first phrase that comes from the lips of a British person... Continue Reading →

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